Gardemoen Logistikpark

Gardemoen Logistikpark is Norway’s most central logistic hub. We delivered a sprinkler tank of 800 m3 with associated pump house. We also made a complete installation with two diesel-powered pumps, including piping and electrical work. Photo:

Oslo Finerfabbrik

Reputable Oslo Finerfabbrik moved into their new warehouse in Gjelleråsen during 2023. We delivered a sprinkler tank and a pump house as well as diesel-driven pumps with associated equipment. Everything in collaboration with Rör & Sprinklercompaniet. Photo:

IKEA Copenhagen

Copenhagen City, is one of IKEA’s newest department stores. Together with Dansk Sprinklerteknik, we delivered a complete system including diesel-driven pumps, according to Danish standard DBI 251/4001. Photo: INGKA Newsroom

Skellefteå: Wooden Culture House

Skellefteå Kulturhus is one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world! In cooperation with Bravida Sprinkler, we delivered an advanced solution with frequency-controlled sprinkler pumps. Photo: Visit Skellefteå

Karlatornet: The Tallest Building

Karlatornet is the tallest building in Scandinavia with its impressive 246 m. Here we have delivered six diesel units for different pressure zones. Photo:

Dagab Bålsta: Largest Logistics Center

Dagab’s facility is one of the world’s most modern logistics centers. Together with BST Södra, we carried out this project, which included, among other things, double FM-approved sprinkler tanks and four FM-approved diesel units. Photo: