Three Product Areas or Complete Solutions

We develop, manufacture, deliver and service products in three areas: sprinkler pumps, residential sprinklers and sprinkler tanks. We also create complete solutions adapted to our customers’ needs, e.g. delivering a completely prepared pump house or an equipped container ready to use.






Sprinkler Pumps

We supply three different types of sprinkler pumps: electric, diesel and FM approved. We can adapt these models to special customer demands. A number of options are available for these models.

Our sprinkler pumps comply with standards according to current regulations. For all pumps, we can supply additional equipment such as cones, fans, dampers, valves, etc.

We also design, develop and manufacture automatic cabinets and control systems according to current sprinkler regulations. These are manufactured in our own electrical cabinet factory, where all cabinets are tested before delivery to the customer.

We carry out electrical installation and implementation of all supplied equipment, and offer installation support.

Please contact our Sales Department, if you need product sheets of our products.

Residential Sprinklers

We deliver residential sprinkler pumps complying to current regulations, for basin or municipal water supply with the demanded pressure and flow.

Please note that we also offer diesel powered residential sprinkler pumps.

The pumps are delivered complete with pipe gallery and starting equipment, to enable fast and easy installation.

We also supply container solutions with tank and pump fully prepared for installation, and buried water tanks.

Please contact our Sales Department, if you need product sheets of our products.

Sprinkler Tanks

We deliver several types of sprinkler tanks with the demanded volume, adapted to the customers’ need.

  • Outdoor tanks with insulation, from 50 m3
  • Rectangular indoor tanks that can be tailored, e.g. around pillars and corners.
  • Smaller indoor tanks for residential sprinklers
  • FM approved sprinkler tanks

If you need help calculating the effective volume of the tank, we can assist you.

Please contact our Sales Department, if you need product sheets of our products.

Complete Solutions

In addition to our products (sprinkler pumps, sprinkler tanks and residential sprinklers), we supply complete solutions adapted to customers’ requirements. For example, we deliver a completely prepared pump house, ready to connect the water and get started. We also deliver fully equipped container solutions.

Please contact our Sales Department, and to discuss a solution that fit your demands and specifications.

FM Approved Pumps

For customers where their insurance company demands it, we offer products that require FM insurance.

We are a partner to Patterson Pumps in Scandinavia and we market a complete range of pumps that are FM approved. Sprinkler pumps according to NFPA-20 & LPC standards are also available in their range of sprinkler pumps.

Since Patterson Pumps factory is situated in Ireland, it facilitates access to spare parts and support, when needed.

Solar Cell System that Makes the Installation Self-Sufficient

We offer a complete assembled solar cell system for our pump houses, which makes it self-sufficient in electricity.

It contains 15 monocrystalline panels installed on the sprinkler pump housing. The solar cells are connected to a 6 kW inverter. The inverter is placed in a suitable place in the pump center.

The sub-central in the pump house, needs to have a 3-phase group of 16 A for this installation.

Installation is included. Network connection and connection to the portal are included provided that internet connection is available in the same building.

Estimated annual production: approx. 4500 kWh, depending on cardinal direction and shading from other buildings.

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