A Leading Company in Fire Protection

We develop, manufacture and deliver products in three areas: sprinkler pumps, residential sprinklers and sprinkler tanks. We also deliver complete solutions adapted to our customers’ requirements, for example delivering a completely prepared pump house, ready to connect the water and get started.

After more than 30 years in the industry, we are a leading company in fire protection, delivering systems that provide effective protection for people and property.


Our Values and Philosophy

A company’s values are often based on its history, and sometimes change over time, with new people and new conditions in the business environment. During an internal conference, we summarized our values in a short sentence: Competence, Commitment and Holistic thinking, with the best for Quality, Customers and Colleagues in mind.

We are proud of our extensive knowledge and experience in our niche area, and of our premium quality. But for customers to value this, we need to work close to them, get involved and be helpful. In other words, think holistically and win win – what is good for our customers and for us.

The same applies internally. Care for each other. Commit to doing a little better. Take care of what you hand over to the next person in our workflow. Have someone else’s best interest at heart, not just your own.

We hope you will experience the above, and if you don’t, we would like you to tell us, so we can become even better.


Malin New Account Manager Norway and Denmark

We are developing our market presence in Norway and Denmark. We have recruited Malin Skiöldh, as Key Account Manager with a focus on these markets.

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Solar Panels Make Your Facility Self-Sufficient

We are now taking another step in our sustainability work. We install solar cells on our customers’ pump houses. In this way, they will become self-sufficient in energy. A really positive environmental effect.

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We Support “Mustaschkampen”

We support “Mustaschkampen” and contribute to the fight against prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer for men. If many companies and people contribute, we can make a difference.


A Solid Owner and Company Group

Since 2017, we have been a fully owned subsidiary of the Lagercrantz Group, a technology group with approximately 70 niche technology companies within B2B. The group is active in nine countries in Northern Europe, China, India and The USA, and has over 2,600 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 7,700 million. The company has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2001.

The business of the Lagercrantz Group is organized in five divisions, of which we belong to TecSec. Lagercrantz’s ownership management is decentralized, where each subsidiary is followed up based on clear goals. The decentralization enables a high degree of independence, with freedom and responsibility for each subsidiary’s management to make business decisions close to the customers and the market.

Facts about our Company

Our turnover was 220 million SEK in the fiscal year 2022/23.

We currently employ 40 people.

Our company, with organization number 556681-9404, is situated in Norrköping (Åby).

Our history

R-CON was founded in 1988 by Kenneth Runo – hence the R in R-CON. The business gradually grew, step by step. At that time, office and production were located at Platinagatan 8 in Norrköping.

Since 2017, we have been owned by the Lagercrantz Group, a technology group with approximately 70 technology companies in and outside of Sweden. Read more above or at www.lagercrantz.com.

In early 2021, we moved our business to a completely new property, which has given us a great opportunity to develop and be able to streamline our production.