We Support, Maintain, Supplement and Upgrade

We offer all our clients service, maintenance, upgrades and spare parts. At our warehouse in Norrköping, all things you need in a pump facility are stored.

When it’s time for an upgrade and replacement of pumps, motors or control cabinets, contact us for a proposal. We do site visits to be able to offer you the right solution and equipment.


 Troubleshooting and Warranties

  • The occasional times when something goes wrong, we promise to solve the problem quickly and easily. It should not affect you as a customer. With our long experience, we usually solve most questions by phone or e-mail, but if that is not enough, we will come to your facility and help you out!
  • Regarding warranties, we will give you support as agreed upon. We provide the same warranty that our customers need to offer their clients.

 Preventive Service and Service Agreements

  • We offer ongoing preventive service and maintenance of sprinkler pumps and other delivered products.
  • Many customers choose to sign a Service Agreement where we change oils, filters, check the alignment of pumps and test automatics and starting equipment, every year.

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 Upgrades of Facilities

  • We offer upgrades of facilities for customers throughout Scandinavia, e.g. new automation for older sprinkler pumps; replacement of alarm panels, including implementation and testing. We also replace impellers, bearings, seals and turn impellers.
  • Our service technicians have certificate for electrical installations and competence to perform troubleshooting and reprogramming of electrical equipment.

 Training and Installation Assistance

  • All our deliveries include installation instructions and, if necessary, training in handling.
  • In addition to each delivery, we customize education and training for your company. Training is carried out in our own complete sprinkler pump center in Norrköping, and we mix theory and practice. Please contact us, and we will find a tailored solution for you.

 Spare Parts Warehouse

  • At our facility in Norrköping, most of the spare parts needed for sprinkler pumps are available. Everything from seals to diesel engines.
  • Here you will also find pressure pumps; flow meters; pressure switches and valves and non-return valves up to DN300.

A Large Service Organisation

As service and support are important to us and our customers, we have a large service organisation. We currently employ 12 service technicians, who visit our customers every day to perform service and maintain their facilities. In addition to this, we have 6 installers, for the larger tank and pump house projects.


Request for Service

If you need service or maintenance, please use the form below, and we will be able to help you faster.

    For further information, please contact me!

    Lars Persson

    Manager Service & Support
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