Partner to Professional Customers

Our customers are mainly sprinkler installation companies, located throughout Scandinavia. End customers are found in all industries, where there is a need for advanced fire protection.

We work closely together with our customers and help out early in the projects for the best results. In many cases, we have worked together for decades. We believe in long loyal relationships.

We would like to tell you more about relevant customer cases, some of which we present here:


Gardemoen Logistikpark

Gardemoen Logistikpark is Norway’s most central logistic hub. We delivered a sprinkler tank of 800 m3 with associated pump house. We also made a complete installation with two diesel-powered pumps, including piping and electrical work. Photo:

Oslo Finerfabbrik

Reputable Oslo Finerfabbrik moved into their new warehouse in Gjelleråsen during 2023. We delivered a sprinkler tank and a pump house as well as diesel-driven pumps with associated equipment. Everything in collaboration with Rör & Sprinklercompaniet. Photo:

IKEA Copenhagen

Copenhagen City, is one of IKEA’s newest department stores. Together with Dansk Sprinklerteknik, we delivered a complete system including diesel-driven pumps, according to Danish standard DBI 251/4001. Photo: INGKA Newsroom

Skellefteå: Wooden Culture House

Skellefteå Kulturhus is one of the tallest wooden buildings in the world! In cooperation with Bravida Sprinkler, we delivered an advanced solution with frequency-controlled sprinkler pumps. Photo: Visit Skellefteå

Karlatornet: The Tallest Building

Karlatornet is the tallest building in Scandinavia with its impressive 246 m. Here we have delivered six diesel units for different pressure zones. Photo:

Dagab Bålsta: Largest Logistics Center

Dagab’s facility is one of the world’s most modern logistics centers. Together with BST Södra, we carried out this project, which included, among other things, double FM-approved sprinkler tanks and four FM-approved diesel units. Photo:

Business Support

Would you Like an Offer?

We are happy to help you in the early stages of a project, with planning, documentation and offers. Always feel welcome to ask for help. Malin Skiöldh focuses on customers in Denmark and Norway, and Anders Liljeberg focuses on customers in Sweden, mainly sprinkler pumps. Our CEO Mikael Wiktorsson, is often involved in our customer relations.

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