Premium Products, Extensive Expertise, and Close Cooperation are our DNA

We are a supplier, and preferably a close partner, to sprinkler installers in Scandinavia. We develop, manufacture, and deliver products in three areas: sprinkler pumps, residential sprinklers and sprinkler tanks. We also provide service and maintenance to our products and installations, with our own service organization.

Moreover, we deliver complete solutions adapted to our customers’ requirements, e.g. a completely prepared pump house, where our customer just needs to connect the water and get started.

With more than 30 years in the fire protection industry, we have become a leading company. We offer products of premium quality and with high expertise regarding standards and requirements in our industry. Our philosophy is to work closely with our clients to create great solutions and valuable results in our common projects.



We supply sprinkler pumps with a large capacity, for industries, logistic centers, real estate, and hotels.

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We supply several types of sprinkler tanks with the demanded volume adapted to the customer’s needs.

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We supply residential sprinkler pumps for apartment buildings, homes for elderly, preschools and sport facilities.

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We deliver complete solutions adapted to our customers’ requirements, e.g. completely prepared pump houses.

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Business support

Would You Like an Offer?

We are happy to help you in the early stages of a project, with planning, documentation and offers. Always feel welcome to ask for help. Malin Skiöldh focuses on customers in Denmark and Norway, and Anders Liljeberg focuses on customers in Sweden, mainly sprinkler pumps. Our CEO Mikael Wiktorsson, is often involved in our customer relations.

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Customers & cases

Our Customers

Our customers are mainly sprinkler installation companies, located throughout Scandinavia. End customers are found in all industries, where there is a need for advanced fire protection.

We work closely together with the installers and help early in the projects for the best results. In many cases, we have worked together for decades. We believe in long loyal relationships. Read more about some of our customer cases below!

Gardemoen Logistikpark

Gardemoen Logistikpark is Norway’s most central logistic hub. We delivered a sprinkler tank of 800 m3 with associated pump house. We also made a complete installation with two diesel-powered pumps, including piping and electrical work. Photo:

Oslo Finerfabbrik

Reputable Oslo Finerfabbrik moved into their new warehouse in Gjelleråsen during 2023. We delivered a sprinkler tank and a pump house as well as diesel-driven pumps with associated equipment. Everything in collaboration with Rör & Sprinklercompaniet. Photo:

IKEA Copenhagen

Copenhagen City, is one of IKEA’s newest department stores. Together with Dansk Sprinklerteknik, we delivered a complete system including diesel-driven pumps, according to Danish standard DBI 251/4001. Photo: INGKA Newsroom


Quality Down to the Smallest Detail

When you work with safety and lifelong systems like we do, there is only one focus: Quality down to the smallest detail. This applies to our products, down to the smallest valve. It applies to the collaboration in our customer projects, doing the right things from the start. And in service and maintenance, where it is important to keep a consistent control.

We work according to a clear and consistent Quality and Project Process.

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Malin New Account Manager Norway and Denmark

We are developing our market presence in Norway and Denmark. We have recruited Malin Skiöldh, as Key Account Manager with a focus on these markets.

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Solar Panels Make Your Facility Self-Sufficient

We are now taking another step in our sustainability work. We install solar cells on our customers’ pump houses. In this way, they will become self-sufficient in energy. A really positive environmental effect.

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We Support “Mustaschkampen”

We support “Mustaschkampen” and contribute to the fight against prostate cancer, the most common form of cancer for men. If many companies and people contribute, we can make a difference.

About us

A Solid Owner and Company Group

Since 2017, we have been a fully owned subsidiary of the Lagercrantz Group, a technology group with approximately 70 niche technology companies within B2B. The group is active in nine countries in Northern Europe, China, India and The USA, and has approximately 2,600 employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 7,700 million. The company has been listed on Nasdaq Stockholm since 2001.

The business of the Lagercrantz Group is organized in five divisions, of which we belong to TecSec. Lagercrantz’s ownership management is decentralized, where each subsidiary is followed up based on clear goals. The decentralization enables a high degree of independence, with freedom and responsibility for each subsidiary’s management to make business decisions close to the customers and the market.