Working With Us  

I have worked in our company for a long time, even together with the founder of R-CON. Over the years, our values and way of being have developed. I usually say that it should be fun to go to work – and to go home. By that I mean having fun when we are at work, but also being able to combine it with a rich private life and personal interests. We usually don’t work overtime, so there is time for other things in life, and at times when we really need to work extra hours, there are seldom any problems.

There is a great atmosphere at R-CON. An informal and spontaneous style, where no one is more worthy than anyone else – not even me as a CEO. We help each other, and work well together. We often take initiatives to do engaging activities and events. Last year we ran the Norrköping Relay; participated in the Rosa Bandet and Mustaschkampen; and arranged Christmas and Summer parties of course.

We also have a modern working environment, in our newly built facility. I have never been to an industry with such bright and nice premises as ours. The fact that very few people quit, I see as a good sign.

Mikael Wiktorsson, CEO

Our Values and Philosophy

A company’s values are often based on its history, and sometimes change over time, with new people and new conditions in the business environment. During an internal conference, we summarized our values in a short sentence: Competence, Commitment and Holistic thinking, with the best for Quality, Customers and Colleagues in mind.

We are proud of our extensive knowledge and experience in our niche area, and of our premium quality. But for customers to value this, we need to work close to them, get involved and be helpful. In other words, think holistically and win win – what is good for our customers and for us.

The same applies internally. Care for each other. Commit to doing a little better. Take care of what you hand over to the next person in our workflow. Have someone else’s best interest at heart, not just your own.

We hope you will experience the above, and if you don’t, we would like you to tell us, so we can become even better.

I Feel Appreciated and Encouraged!

“I have recently started working at R-CON, as Customer Manager for Denmark and Norway. The feeling I got already at the first interview remains: I feel welcome, appreciated and encouraged. I can ask my boss whatever I want, and get support from him or collegues, when needed. We really work as a team at R-CON!”


Apply for a Job

Right now there are no vacancies, but we are always interested in new employees with a strong motivation and who share our values. Someone who really believe in doing well; work closely together as a team; and make our customers satisfied every day.

If this sounds like you, feel free to submit your application. When you apply, remember, it’s not about spelling correctly, it’s about you beeing a great person to work with. Welcome!

Spontaneous Application